Buffy Fish-owl nesting in a Bird’s Nest Fern

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xxx FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]

Sometime in March 2016, a pair of Buffy Fish-owls (Ketupa ketupu) (above) nested in a Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Harry Geno-Oehlers started documenting the nesting and the images below show the development of the chick inside the nest.

FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]

“The single egg must have hatched sometime around March when the chick was first spotted. The above image, taken on 25th March, shows the presence of the small chick, which was resting most of the time.

FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]
Occasionally it would shift position, providing a clearer view before settling down again (above).

FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]

The adults were always in a nearby tree, watching over the nest (above).

FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]

A three-quarter profile shot of the owlet, looking a little drowsy and wondering about the future is shown above.

FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]

A perfect profile image above, with the owlet covered with downy feathers. The saying “A face only a mother could love” comes to mind and no doubt this was true for both parents who continued to maintain a close watch on the nest from nearby perches.

FishOwlB-nesting [GenoOehlers]

Putting on a gruesome look above… and closing its nictitating membrane to keep its eyes moist.

Harry Geno-Oehlers
25th April 2016

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