Long-tailed Macaque sighted at Sungei Buloh

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MacaqueLT-SgBuloh [HarryGenoOelhers]

Harry Geno-Oehlers image of a pair of Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fasciculariss) that he encountered at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve was photofraphed on the morning of 5th April 2016. This is what he wrote:

“I don’t usually see monkeys at Sungei Buloh but these two young ones were there this morning with an older adult. This young guy came close and started fingering my tripod. It was prodding at the rubber at the last extension. I don’t know why but he had walked straight up to the tripod from at least 10 metres away. I was afraid he was going to climb up it to take a photo himself.

“I was telling it nicely to move along, not wanting to show any aggression, but at the same time keeping a watchful eye on the adult who was approaching. I decided to accede to his request and took this quick shot with my iPhone just before the adult reached him, slapped the poor guy behind his head and dragged him off…

“Lucky for me, his mother didn’t like the company he was trying to keep and dragged him away from me…

“There was another photographer a distance away who I believe was taking a few shots of the action. If you are reading this, could you please post one of your photos here. It would be nice to keep it as a record of my encounter. Thank you in advance.”

Harry Geno-Oehlers
5th April 2016

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  1. Ivan Kwan

    This is a very small family group that only became established in Sungei Buloh the last few years. A lone adult male macaque was occasionally spotted on and off, until he eventually started showing up with a female. Eventually they had a daughter more than a year ago, and the female recently had another baby. Staff have nicknamed the male and female Shrek and Fiona, while their daughter was called Felicia. I’m not sure if the most recent baby as been given a nickname yet.

    The individuals pictured here are Fiona (seen here carrying her infant, born several months back), and Felicia, born more than a year ago.

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