Story of the Green Baron butterfly

GreenBaron [LilianSng]

“It was 8th October 2015, a Thursday. And on this day of the week I would usually visit the community center at Clementi. There, I managed to photograph of a few species of butterflies. But this particular species, the Green Baron (Euthalia adonia pinwilli), remained on a plant for about six minutes and this allowed me to take about 270 shots.

“Once I posted the image, I received two private massages. Both asked where I sighted this and both said the last time they saw it was a few years ago. I was really excited to hear that and googled to find out more.

“The next few days I revisited the area. Success came on 22nd October when the Green Baron was sighted near a lizard. Although it could fly, this butterfly didn’t fly from the plant to the ground. In fact it kind of jumped from the higher leaf on the plant to the lower one and finally onto a rotten mango on the ground. It then started to suck the juice with its proboscis.

“I went almost to the ground to capture a video of it doing that (above). However I did notice the wings were no longer as beautiful as I had seen them two weeks ago and I was really sad and my tears could not stop flowing. I was also very grateful that I could see it one more time that day. That was the last time I saw this butterfly. although I still return occasionally.”

Lilian Sng
February 2016


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