Kidney Garden Spider – Further observations

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“Spotted another one of the Kidney Garden Spider (Araneus mitificus) and adding to the information and images I sent you earlier… HERE.

“On 7th February 2016 I spotted a second Kidney Garden Spider in our garden; this time a male (no images of the spider). It has built three silk ‘hide aways’ but only one was in use. I presume the others had been used in the past.

Araneus mitificus-KidneyGardenSpider [Amar-Singh]

“I was able to observe this one better and noticed that it kept one claw on the important spider-web strand that led to the web (above, below), to be informed if any prey is snagged.

Araneus mitificus-KidneyGardenSpider [Amar-Singh]

“The spider is both crafty and patient; reminds me of the bitterns who wait patiently while fishing.

Araneus mitificus-KidneyGardenSpider [Amar-Singh]

“Above shows the web structure and again that characteristic gap in the web where the spider is waiting/hiding.

Araneus mitificus-KidneyGardenSpider [Amar-Singh]

“I had an opportunity to check on the first spider and spotted that it has caught a large fly. Above shows the fly wrapped and brought to the silk ‘hide away’ to feed on securely.

Plate 10-Araneus mitificus-Kidney Garden Spider-male with prey-10a-Home-Ipoh-9th Feb 2016

“Two days later I spotted the male with a Planthopper prey just outside his hideaway. The above image shows that the male is more uniform green than the female.”

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
7th and 9th February 2016

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