Visitors to pulai flowers

“On 6th December 2015, the air was infused with the arousing fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers of the Pulai tree (Alstonia sp.). Apart from myself, I was curious to see if any other creatures would be inexplicably drawn towards these beckoning blossoms. At least two types of bees made a beeline for the bouquets. These included the Giant Honey Bee (Apis dorsata) (above),

“…as well as the Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa latipes) (above).

“Later on, a Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus) arrived onto the scene and put its long and slender proboscis to good use (above).

“Video clips of these floral visitors enjoying their drinks may be previewed here:

“I’m sure there was more than enough nectar to quench their thirsts.”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
20th January 2016

  1. Am

    Happy CNY to all!

    I cannot stand the pulai tree (Alstonia scholaris) to be honest. The overpowering smell from the flowers makes me sick and if I inhale it for even just a few seconds I start to feel like vomiting. I wonder if anyone else feels the same?

    Also, I find it really strange that some people actually like the scent. To me the scent ranks among the most horrid in the world, akin to sniffing glue or thinner. (Yes, it makes me that ill.)

    Do all pulai tree varieties smell the same?

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