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“On the 4th December 2015, a small group of sub-adult Red Junglefowls (Gallus gallus) was foraging for afternoon snacks on the ground (above).

“It was amusing to watch them scratching away the leaf litter and top soil to expose tasty earthworms and yummy grubs (above).

“A video clip of this foraging activity may be previewed here:

“It is encouraging to see that this wild fowl is surviving well in Singapore, despite the urban sprawl. Hopefully, we will not have any cases of ‘curi ayam’ (stealing the chicken, in Malay) that may deplete the wild population.”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
16th January 2016

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  1. Xiao Hui

    Hello. I’m currently doing a research on Red Junglefowl’s foraging behaviour.
    May I know where are these Red Junglefowls sighted in Singapore?
    Thank you in advance <:

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