Red-billed Malkoha foraging in the forest

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Danaraj Maniam’s images of the Red-billed Malkoha (Zanclostomus javanicus) were taken at the Papan Waterfall, Perak, Malaysia. This malkoha is easily recognised by its red bill. A rare resident in Peninsular Malaysia, it is usually found in the middle or upper stories of the rainforest

“During my birding trip one afternoon, I saw a pair of Red-billed Malkohas high up on the branches looking for insects. It was quite difficult to get a good shot, always blocked by branches. I managed to get some shots and this is how it looks. This bird is quite difficult to see in lowland primary forest. I spotted these birds in a secondary forest at noon time,” added Danaraj.

Danaraj Maniam
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
December 2015

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