A fledgling flew up from the grass below…

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It was a hot and dry evening and I was watering the plants along a narrow strip fronting my house. Suddenly a small bird flew out from among the plants. It must have been lying around for some time until I disturbed it.

It landed on a bougainvillea plant in my garden and appeared “tame” as it allowed me to approach it to about a metre (above). However when I stretched my hand towards it, it moved away. I could have caught it with a little effort, but then what is the point? Except to prove to myself that I could catch a birdling in my garden?

It was a recently fledged Asian Glossy Starling (Aplonis panayensis), still unable to fly properly. The yellow oral flanges that is a mark of fledglings were prominent (above) LINK.

Anyone coming across a “helpless looking” birdling should not pick it up and being it home to care for it. The adults did not appear to be around but I was sure they were somewhere nearby. They did not abandon the birdling and will return eventually to feed it and encouraged it to fly.

I took the opportunity to make some photographic documentation of the little bird that appeared very “tame.” Eventually it flew off.

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