Little Cormorants at Malim Nawar, Perak, Malaysia

Danaraj Maniam encountered a small flock of migratory Little Cormorant (Phalacrocorax niger) at the Malim Nawar Wetland, an extensive ex-tin mining area with some of the water bodies turned into fish farms (above).

These cormorants feed mainly on small freshwater fish. They land on the water and from the surface they dive in to pursue the fish (above, below).

They normally stay around for an hour or so catching fish.

Then they fly off to gather along the shore (above) or on any dead tree branches (below) to rest and to dry their wings in the sun.

Taking off from the water surface involves running along the water surface (below)…

..all the while flapping the wings vigorously until it can gain enough speed (below).

…to become airborne (below).

“This is a very shy bird and also afraid of people. When taking photographs I have to keep a distance of around 50 meters and seated in the car to get a shot of them.

These cormorants are migratory birds, but I see them around whenever I go to Malim Nawar. Looks like they are staying there permanently. Counted the birds and there are around 27 of them.

Danaraj Maniam
December 2015

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