More butterflies visiting bougainvillea – Orange Emigrant and Common Mime

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The posting of the Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus chrysippus) visiting flowers of bougainvillea, the third butterfly of the series, brought a fourth – The Orange Emigrant (Catopsilia cylla cornelia) (above).

Angie Ng photographed the butterfly sipping nectar from a bougainvillea flower in Henderson Crescent way back in July 2008.

We also had Johnny Wee sending in his image of the Common Mime (Papilio clytia clytia) visiting another cultivar of bougainvillea (above).

Obviously there are more than a few butterfly species visiting our many bougainvillea cultivars grown all over Singapore.

We call on those who have successfully photographed other butterfly species visiting this attractive plant to send in their images for posting.

Contributed by Angie Ng & Johnny Wee

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