A compilation of Yellow-vented Bulbul’s vocalisation

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Sun Chong Hong compiled the following calls and songs by the Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier) that were posted in this website, adding two new ones:

1. Juvenile call recorded by Lena Chow (below).

2. Another juvenile call, possibly territorial, by Sun Chong Hong (below).

3. Territorial call, recorded by Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS (below), delivered one at a time and not repeated immediately after. Images of the posture when the call was made are given in the link. An audio recording is given HERE.

4. Joyful call in the rain by Teo Lee Wei & K (below).

5. Dawn Chorus by YC Wee (below).

6. Another dawn chorus by Sun Chong Hong. It is the “morning has broken” song heard during the break of dawn. It is also heard at other times of the time. This particular recording was made around 9am on 2 Apr 2011 (below).

7. This is yet another Yellow-vented Bulbul short call/song presented in waveform visualization by Sun Chong Hong (below). This recording was made around the same time and date as #6.

We welcome recordings (audio or video) of more calls and songs of this bulbul (as well as other species of birds).

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