Pied Imperial-pigeon swallowing Alexandra Palm fruits

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I was in the garden on the morning of 10th July 2015 checking on my Alexandra Palms (Archontophoenix alexandrae). One palm in particular was in the tail end of fruiting. When I looked up, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few large white birds moving around the fruiting branch, picking at the ripe fruits (above). On closer look, I was delighted to note that there were three Pied Imperial-pigeons (Ducula bicolor), easily recognised by their distinct white plumage with contrasting black flight and tail feathers.

The imperial-pigeons were quietly straining their neck to reach what remained of the red fruits. They were swallowing the fruits whole and in due course would no doubt regurgitate the seeds rather than allowing them to pass through the digestive system and be ejected at the other end LINK. The fruits of this palm are not large, about 1×1.3 cm. Each has a thin layer of pulp covering the single seed.

Had I not looked up, I would have missed these handsome imperial-pigeons. This is the first time I saw them taking Alexandra Palm fruits. To check what other fruits they take, consult the list on Plants and Birds HERE.

YC Wee
October 2015


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