Elbowed Pierrot butterfly puddling on a crab

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On 23rd July 2015, Melinda Chan sent in an image taken by Chan Yoke Meng (below) at the MacRitchie Reservoir.

They came across of group of small (25-30 mm) forest butterflies, the Elbowed Pierrot (Caleta elna elvira), by a stream at the MacRitchie Reservoir forest. These butterflies were seen puddling on the damp path – see HERE and HERE.

When reviewing the photographs later, they became aware of a butterfly puddling on a small crab (unsure whether dead or alive).

We seek the expertise of Prof Peter Ng, Director of the Lee Kong Chian Naturel History Museum, NUS and a local expert on crabs to put a name to the crab. Unfortunately it is not possible to ascertain the species as the face the crab is not visible in the image. However, Prof Ng is of the opinion that it could most likely be Irmengardia johnsoni, Family Gecarcinucidae, known to be from that location.

Melinda Chan, Chan Yoke Meng & Prof Peter Ng
August 2015

  1. BESG

    Prof Peter Ng sent this note: “Actually if the crab us freshly dead – what the butterfly is sucking up are the decaying juices which are rich in salts etc which these butterflies like!”

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