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“In March 2015, I was hot on the heels of a Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) which had been busy fishing along a canal during the low tide episodes. I was impressed with its toilet manners, as each time it needed to answer Nature’s call, it would consistently walk away from the main waterway before excusing itself (above). The faeces would be discharged as a milky white squirt.

“A video compilation of its multiple visits to the restroom may be previewed here:”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming

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  1. Leong Tzi Ming

    As these Egrets depend on clean waterways for their food (fish & aquatic invertebrates), they somehow have the instinct & common sense not to defile or dirty these stream/canal habitats. Unfortunately, many people are still ignorant about the biodiversity along our local waterways and continue to contribute to its degradation.

    • Leong Tzi Ming

      Neat video capture of the Purple Heron doing its business on land, rather than in the water.

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