Two more species of birds attracted to Macaranga bancana fruits

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In the latest list of plants posted recently LINK, the Common Mahang (Macaranga bancana) is shown to attracts 31 species of birds. All but two were documented by Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS, from his base in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia – see list below.

It is interesting to note that few, if at all any local birdwatcher, pay attention to this fabulous bird-tree. One reason can be that, as far as I can ascertain, most Common Mahang are found within old secondary forests. And the locals generally avoid forests, maybe only around the periphery and at most walk along well-trodden paths.

During the current fruiting season in Malaysia, Amar has added two new species of birds that is not in our list. These include the Scaly-Breasted Bulbul (Pycnonotus squamatus webberi) (above, on a different tree; below, with fruit in its bill)…

…and Emerald Dove (Chalcophaps indica) (below).

Amar has this to say of the tree: “I do not know what it is about the fruit of this tree. So many birds fight over it and desire it. Some species of birds I have yet to document can be found sitting patiently in nearby trees; I suspect waiting for me to go before they feed.”

Birds already documented feeding on the fruits of Common Mahang:

Brown Barbet – fruit (Amar-Singh 2010q)
Gold-whiskered Barbet – fruit (Amar-Singh 2013o)
Black-headed Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009k, 2012b, 2013p)
Buff-vented Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh 2010n, 2013q)
Cream-vented Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009k, 2013o, q)
Hairy-backed Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009k, 2013o, 2013q)
Red-eyed Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009k, 2013o, q)
Spectacled Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009k, 2010n, 2013o, q)
Yellow-vented Bulbul – fruit (Amar-Singh H.S.S. pers.comm.)
Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker – fruit (Amar-Singh 2013o)
Asian Brown Flycatcher – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009j, 2013p)
Blue-and-white Flycatcher – fruit (Amar-Singh 2012a)
Mugimaki Flycatcher – fruit (Amar-Singh (013o)
Narcissus Flycatcher – fruit (Amar-Singh 2013o)
Rufous-chested Flycatchers – fruit (Amar-Singh 2012a)
Yellow-rumped Flycatcher – ?insect/fruit (Amar-Singh 2009j)
Blue-crowned Hanging-parrot – fruit (Amar-Singh 2011x)
Green Iora – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009j, 2013q)
Blue-winged Leafbird – fruit (Amar-Singh 2013o, q)
Lesser Leafbird – fruit (Amar-Singh 2013p)
Long-tailed Parakeet – fruit (Bucknill & Chasen 1990)
Grey-breasted Spiderhunter – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009l, 2010q, 2013o, q)
Little Spiderhunter – fruit (Amar-Singh 2009d, 2013q)
Spectacled Spiderhunter – fruit (Amar-Singh 2010q, 2013q)
Yellow-eared Spiderhunter – fruit (Amar-Singh 2010q, 2013q)
Plain Sunbird – nectar/fruit (Amar-Singh 2009i, 2010q, 2013o; nectar 2013e, q)
Purple-naped Sunbird – nectar/fruit (Amar-Singh 2009i, 2010q, 2011y, 2013o, q)
Red-throated Sunbird – nectar/fruit (Amar-Singh 2009i, 2011y, 2013o, q)
Ruby-cheeked Sunbird – nectar/fruit (Amar-Singh, 2009i, 2011y, 2013p, q)
Asian Glossy Starling – fruit (Amar-Singh 2010b)
Everett’s White-eye – fruit (Amar-Singh 2010q, 2013o, q)

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
July 2015

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