Javan Myna taking food meant for goldfish

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Dr Jean Ho’s video clip shows three Javan Mynas (Acridotheres javanicus) scrambling over food meant for the goldfish in the fish pond.

This is typical Javan Myna behavior. It will take advantage of any food that becomes available under whatever conditions. It will take leftovers from open air cafes, hawker centres and even rubbish dumps and trucks. It follows wild boars and cattle to pick on insects displaced by these animals LINK. In urban areas it follows grass cutters LINK and gardeners for the same reason.

Javan Myna forages around gardens and parks taking flower nectar and fruits from a wide range of plants as well as earthworms and many invertebrates from the ground. It can also be found in the intertidal areas feeding on the marine fauna LINK. It starts its day earlier than most other diurnal birds to feed on roadkill LINK.

Javan Myna is loud, LINK, bold and aggressive LINK.

All these characteristics contribute to the success of the Javan Myna in Singapore.

Dr Jean Ho
June 2015

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