Adult Crimson-rumped Waxbill feeding fledglings

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Melinda and Chan Yoke Meng stumbled upon an adult Crimson-rumped Waxbill (Estrilda rhodopyga) feeding two fledglings sometime in 2014 (above).

The juveniles, as with most juveniles, were not afraid of Melinda and Yoke Meng, allowing them to approach within a metre.

These exotic waxbills were first reported in Punggol grassland in February 2011 LINK. Originating from East Africa, this common aviary species are obviously escapees.

A few months later, Lena Chow reported having them in her garden LINK. And in January 2014, a flock of about 20 birds was seen at Gardens by the Bay LINK.

Now that we have photographic evidence of an adult feeding fledglings, the possibility of these waxbills breeding in Singapore exists. We now need to locate their nesting sites.

Chan Yoke Meng, Melinda Chan & Lena Chow
June 2015

  1. Kwong

    Seen one collecting nesting material with its partner observing it. However, no nest seen.

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