“Between October and November 2014, I was able to observe the ovipositing (egg-laying) behaviour of female Variegated Green Skimmer (Orthetrum sabina) dragonflies, which often commences soon after mating.

“The inseminated female would repeatedly dip the tip of her abdomen near the pond’s edge, creating multiple ripples over the water surface (above).

“Video clips of the ovipositing females may be previewed here:

“One morning, a female had a very close shave when a stealthy snakehead (Channa striata) sneaked up from behind and launched an airborne attack on her (below)!

“A video clip of this predation attempt may be viewed here:

“If not for her lightning-quick reflexes, this female dragonfly would have become prey to an aggressive aquatic predator.”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
23rd April 2015

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