Red-shouldered Macaw eating flowers and seeds of the Rain Tree

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Chan Yoke Meng photographed this Red-shouldered Macaw or Hahn’s Macaw (Diopsittaca nobilis) eating the florets and fruits of the Rain Tree (Samanea saman, now Albizia saman).

The presence of a ring on right foot points to its escapee status. It probably escaped from Jurong Bird Park or the local bird trade.

The macaw picked up the small florets, eatng the basal portion where the nectar is and discarding the many long stamens (top). It also seek out the fruits, biting the fruit pods to get at the seeds inside (above, below).

This macaw originates from the northern part of South America from Venezuela south to SE Brazil and west to Bolivia and SE Peru. In its natural habitat it feeds on fruits like nuts and berries as well as seeds and flowers.

Chan Yoke Meng
May 2015

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  1. Lee Chiu San

    I have known parrots to chew on all kinds of supposedly poisonous things and survive, but that does not mean such activities are good for them.
    Have never tried the Leopard Tree bits, but why bother?
    If you want cheap toys that will keep your bird amused for hours, why not use the inside cardboard tubes of toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls? The birds will spend hours rolling them around, and shredding them to bits.
    All a parrot wants is something to chew, shred, and, if possible, eat.
    Other good options include branches of hibiscus, with leaves and bark attached, corn on the cob, and finally, sugar cane. Bear in mind that the last two items attract also ants, so constant cleaning up is necessary.
    In my experience, most so-called specially-designed bird toys were primarily designed to extract money from the wallets of bird keepers. The birds will be just as happy, or happier, with what I have suggested.

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