“In November 2014, I was presented with a few opportunities to observe the mating behaviour of Variegated Green Skimmer (Orthetrum sabina) dragonflies while checking out local pond sites. When the male and female have connected with each other in the wheel position, they will perch for relatively long periods in a variety of places. These may include:

– a bare branch (above):

– a blade of grass (above):

– a sun-baked rock (above):

– even a stone park bench (above, below):

“After copulation, the male often retains a firm ‘neck-hold’ of the female and the pair may remain in tandem for some time (below). By doing this, other males are denied the chance to mate with this female.

“Video clips of this dragonfly species mating in Singapore may be previewed below.

“A video clip of a pair in tandem may be previewed below.”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
21st April 2015

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