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“The Scarlet Pygmy (Nannophya pygmaea, Libellulidae) is the smallest dragonfly in Singapore, with a total body length of up to only 17 mm. Despite its diminutive stature, the males are highly attractive, adorned with red hot chili colours (below).

“Video clips of the male may be viewed here:

“The female is less conspicuous but has bold bars of black, brown and white (below).

“On the 17th October 2014, I was able to witness the brief mating of a pair along a gently flowing forest stream. Shortly after, the female began to oviposit at a side pool, with quick dips of her abdomen upon the water surface.

“Video clips of the ovipositing female may be viewed here:”

Dr Leong Tzi Ming
31st January 2015

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