Happy Yellow-vented Bulbuls

“The clips below capture the few enraptured moments that the Yellow-vented Bulbul(s) (Pycnonotus goiavier) enjoyed during the month of October 2014. The Curry Leaf Bush (Murraya koenigii) fruits were ripening in abundance and the bulbuls feasted and sang and danced in the rain.

“The Curry Leaf Bush fruit was obviously huge and the bulbul manipulated the fruit until the seed dropped off. Then the whole fruit was flattened to shape and swallowed in one gulp (above). Yum yum.

“The video clip above shows a bulbul singing in the rain while that below shows it ‘dancing’ in the rain – flapping its wing to enjoy the raindrops that will no doubt help remove the grime and dirt the feathers have collected.”

Teo Lee Wei & K
31st December 2014

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