Great Cormorant waves in Goolwa, South Australia

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“On a visit to the Sunday market at Goolwa, South Australia we noticed waves of black birds flying up river over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge. We could not identify the birds at a distance so we made our way up the bridge. We were amazed that they were Great Cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo). They flew upriver in endless waves.

“We walked across to Hindmarsh Island for a short stroll and a few hours later noticed the birds flying in droves in reverse direction now (downriver).

“Three flocks of cormorants merging in flight.

“Waves of cormorants fly over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge.

“This composite clip shows clearly the endless waves of cormorants flying in the same direction.”

Teo Lee Wei & K
11th January 2015

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