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“The Golden Gem damselfly (Libellago lineata, family Chlorocyphidae) has a limited distribution in Singapore and is only known from a few pristine streams within the central catchment forests. In October 2014, I had the opportunity to observe the adults along such a stream habitat.

“The handsome male is dressed in a regal suit of black and golden yellow and will take up a prominent position over his favoured stretch of the stream, guarding his territory (above).

“The female (above) can also be quite attractive, even though her yellow markings may not be as brilliant as the male’s.

“Video clips of the male and female may be viewed above.

“After a long wait, the male’s patience may be rewarded with the arrival of a receptive female. Soon after adopting the mating wheel position (above, below), rhythmic undulations of the male’s abdomen would be noticeable.

“Video clips of the mating behaviour may be viewed below.

“When mating has been completed, the female carries out her task of ovipositing into submerged twigs and branches (below).

“Video clips of these egg laying attempts may be viewed below.

“A summary slideshow of this damselfly species may be viewed below.”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
29th January 2015

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