The Saddlebird of New Zealand

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“The Saddleback (Philesturnus carunculatus) is a wattlebird related to the kokako LINK. The chestnut coloured saddle and wattles differentiates it from the kokako with the purple coloured wattles. It is an insect feeder and is usually found at mid-tree level, hopping about in search of insects and grubs.

“Once common throughout the main island, they are now found on safe island havens which have eliminated rats, stoats and possums.

“This specimen was filmed at Zeelandia, Wellington in the fenced haven set up as a sanctuary for threatened endemic birds.”

Teo Lee Wei & K
22nd December 2014

Note: Image of Saddlebird by Dr Eric Tan, video clips by Teo Lee Wei & K.

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