Common Palm Civet: Request for sightings, samples of poop, etc.

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The Common Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) is a nocturnal cat-like creature that is more related to mongooses than to cats (above). It is more common in urban areas than realised, mainly because it only appears in the dark.

This civet can be commonly seen in forested areas as well as around residential areas. In the latter case it can be found among vegetation (video above) and roof spaces of old houses (video below). The black mask across the eyes and nose gives it a bandit-like appearance, making the civet instantly recognised.

In and around urban dwellings, the presence of its poop and clean, empty shells of Giant African Snail (Achatina fulica) indicate its presence – please see the earlier post HERE.

National University researchers Xu Weiting (above-left) and Fung Tze Kwan (above-right) are appealing to the public to report sightings to assist them in their research. Please send details and photos to Fung Tze Kwan at and to arrange a time to pick up the poop (see below). Sighting records and civet poop samples will be put to good use as they allow them to have a better understanding of the distribution of the common palm civet and its diet.

Information needed:
1. Photographs of civet poop

Clear close up photos of the poop will help in the identification of seeds, especially in nature reserves where permit is required for collection of civet poop (above).

2. Collection of civet poop
If it is convenient to collect the poop, please store it in a ziplock bag. To identify a civet poop, please click HERE.

3. Details needed for the sightings
a. Name of contributor
b. Date
c. Location (GPS coordinates if possible)

4. Sighting of the common palm civet
If you have sighted a common palm civet in Singapore, please submit a mammal record to this LINK.

5. What to do if you find a baby civet?
Please visit this SITE for help.

6. To find out more about the civets
Check out these links LINK 1 and LINK 2.

Credit: Dr Vilma D’Rozario (video clips, fuze edited and added music), Fung Tze Kwan (images of civet and black poop) & YC Wee (image of yellow-grey poop).

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  1. Debbie Verdult

    I regularly see CPCivetpoop near the Lower Seletar Reservoir. I can Whatsapp the pictures and location to you. That would be the easiest and most immediate way. I spotted 2 piles of poop last Saturday but it does not look fresh.
    Do you have a Whatsapp address?

  2. Debbie Verdult

    i regularly see CPCivetpoop near the Lower Seletar Reservoir. I have some pictures and Locations I can send you by Whatsapp. Do you have whatsapp? I walk my dogs there a lot and can immediatly send you info when I see something.

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