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“In mid-September 2014, I was visibly distracted by the advertisement displays of a few mature male Changeable Lizards (Calotes versicolor, Agamidae) at a public park. After spending sufficient time soaking up the morning sun, they would put on their brightest colours, lower their gular flaps and start bobbing their heads up and down.

“Such displays may be performed at ground level (above)…

“…on a branch (above)…

“…on a tree with head facing up (above)…

“…or on a tree with head facing out (above).

“A summary video of these macho males may be previewed here:

“Occasionally, the male might also show off his might by doing a couple of push-ups while perched on the tree. No doubt, these flamboyant performances serve to intimidate rival males, as well as impress any receptive females within viewing range.”

Dr Leong Tzi Ming
27th September 2014

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