Bats in my porch: 16. An uneventful evening

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On 21st August 2014 there were about 12 Common Fruit Bats (Cynopterus brachyotis) roosting in the porch between 2000-2130h. The dominant male was busy moving from one female to the other, courting them without success (above).

He had his wings stretched out most of the time, often vigorously flapping them to get his scent across to the female. At times he was grooming his wings and body.

The females responded with wing movements and grooming sessions as well but the two females he approached were uninterested.

The juveniles were all hanging quietly, resting. All were spaced around the periphery, except for three that were hanging close together.

The two spotlights were on all the time, providing light for the filming. Apparently they had no effect on the colony. I stopped filming at around 2130h and switched off the spotlights. This had an immediately effect on the bats – all suddenly dispersed.

YC Wee
September 2014

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