Nature photography in Singapore – attitude and perspectives

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This is a call on nature enthusiasts who regularly take photographs of birds to please join in the survey on attitude and perspectives of nature photography in Singapore. You can upload the survey form from HERE and complete it accordingly. No names are required and entries will remain confidential.

David Tan, from the National University of Singapore’s Avian Genetics Lab is currently undertaking this survey of local photographers to determine their attitude towards certain practices covered in yesterday post: “Call playback, mealworm use, flash photography, mist netting and the like: What length to get the shot?” – LINK. The author of this report, a Malaysian birder based in Ipoh, Perak, has been a regular contributor to BESG since many years ago. Amar’s post was triggered by the unacceptable behaviour of a local “kiasu” photographer and his group who tied a tern chick to a bush in order to have a “perfect” shot LINK.

Unethical field behaviour is not isolated as there had been many instances, like the person or persons who tied the stems of the aquatic plant Typha sp. together to stop the nest from swaying in the breeze – the better to photograph it (photos sent in anonymously).

David’s survey is designed to figure out photographers’ attitudes in such practices. Hopefully the results of the survey will lead to a better understand on how nature photographers approach their craft, and in turn, lead to a better understanding of the nature photography scene in Singapore.

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