Pink-necked Green-pigeon Feeds Immature With Crop Milk and Fruit

“As I was walking in my condo at about 8.30 am on 10th September 2014, some movements high up in a Yellow Flame tree (Peltophorum pterocarpum) that has shed all its leaves attracted my attention. From the view finder of my camera, I could see that it was a pair of Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) apparently engaging in courtship/mating behaviour. However, as it was a back view, I could not be sure of what they were actually doing – see video:

“I was fortunate that, as I looked around for a better angle, the pair turned and faced me. The action could now be seen clearly. It was a male Pink-necked Green Pigeon feeding its young that was already showing the colourful plumage of an adult male.

“The subsequent full screen review of the video clip on my large computer monitor yielded more details. The adult regurgitated crop milk together with either a solid green fig or a berry. The fruit was swallowed whole by the immature, perhaps with slight difficulty because of its size. Another quick feeding session involved only crop milk. From the movements of the adult, it can be seen that regurgitation takes time and great effort, but the young is, as always, impatient and keeps pestering the parent for more.

“The whole feeding episode lasted about 5 minutes from the time I noticed them.”

“An edited version of the video clip, played in slow motion at half speed, and dubbed with a sound track of the crows of the alpha male Red Junglefowl in my condo is shown below.”

Sun Chong Hong
14th September 2014

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