Bats roosting in my porch: 9. Mating

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It was on the evening of 2nd August 2014 that the mating of the Common Fruit Bat (Cynopterus brachyotis) was documented. At around1800 hours there was a lone bat roosting in the porch (above). This was unusually early as they normally start to arrive half to an hour later. By 2040 hours there was a small colony of 13 bats. Most of the bats were either actively grooming themselves or simply hanging quietly.

Usually there would be one bat with its wings extended nearly all the time. This time it was no exception. It was turning round and occasionally flapping its wings.

This particular bat was distinctly a male. After some time hanging by its claws, it crawled to a nearby resting female. He suddenly made a frontal garb at the female (above).

They struggled somewhat and the female appeared to be biting his upper jaw (above).

He moved behind her (above) and for some seconds they were in a tight embrace (below).

Then they disengaged and the male moved away with his red penis somewhat retracted and the tip with a distinct white blob (below).

To quote Dr Leong Tzi Ming: “I believe the white ‘tip’ must be the remnant of the seminal fluid ejaculated. Looks like the female was successfully impregnated!”

The video clip below shows the mating process, after which the male goes unsuccessfully after more females.

YC Wee & Dr Leong Tzi Ming
August 2014

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