Grey Crowned Crane courtship dance

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“A pair of African Grey Crowned Cranes (Balearica regulorum), believed to have been released from a pet farm in the Seletar area a year or two ago, has been attracting attention from birders and non-birders alike for some time now, since these big magnificent birds were first spotted at open fields near Seletar airbase.

“Since the beginning of this year, they have been appearing regularly at the golf course at Seletar Country Club, and I managed to capture one of them in a seemingly rapturous dance:

“All cranes engage in dancing, which includes various behaviors such as head pumping, bowing, jumping, running, stick or grass tossing, and wing flapping. Dancing can occur at any age and is commonly associated with courtship, however, it is generally believed to be a normal part of motor development for cranes and can serve to thwart aggression, relieve tension, and strengthen the pair bond” – LINK.

Lena Chow
29th July 2014


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