Common Flameback feeding on rambutan: Addendum

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The posting of the Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense) feeding on the ripe fruit of the rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) on 22nd July received queries on whether the bird was actually eating the fruit or picking up ants that usually are found on the surface of the fruit LINK.

Since then, Johnny Wee has managed to send in more images just taken from his garden…

These show the Common Flameback pecking into the skin of the rambutan and picking up a small glob of white flesh. These images should show that the bird actually fed on the fruit and not the ants that often are found on the surface of the fruit.

Johnny Wee (images) & YC Wee (text)
July 2014

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  1. Daisy O'Neill

    Johnny Dear,

    Ah…. these lovely, clear pictures more like it….certainly would not raise any doubts of what woodpecker was doing.
    So fortunate you had another opportunity to return to get that evidence. Good for you.



  2. Amar-Singh HSS (Dato, Dr)

    Dear Johnny, thank you for these excellent supplementary images. Leaves no doubt. Great documentation. I suspect birds have taste buds and a ‘sweet tooth’. Seen 5 species feed on Rambutan flesh.

  3. Johnny Wee

    Dear Daisy and Dr Amar,
    Thanks for your compliments. A shot this noisy woodpecker from my bedroom window.
    Dr Amar are you still active in the UK Bird Forum?

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