Magpie-lark foraging for food

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“The female Magpie-lark (Grallina cyanoleuca) was seen foraging for insects and grubs amongst the dry leaf litter by shuffling her feet in circles.

“The above video was documented in a leafy suburb in Perth, Australia.”

Teo Lee Wei & K
2nd July 2014

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  1. Ilsa Sharp

    I loved the video of the Magpie Lark foraging in Perth. I also live in Perth and this bird is one of my common backyard birds too (in the south-of-the-river suburb of Bentley). It’s a remarkably friendly bird with a pleasant bell-like voice. I once nursed an injured youngster at home (until I realised it had a broken wing; I took it to Kanyana animal refuge then), feeding it on live worms (the tiny wriggly ones you can buy in petshops or fishing supply shops) – it became almost instantly tame and followed me around the living room like a devoted puppy!

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