Birds feeding on fruits of a Macaranga sp.

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On 17th December 2012, Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS encountered this 12-15 metres high Macaranga sp. at the Kledang-Sayong Forest Reserve in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It was located across a ravine 30-35 meters from where Amar stood, but fortunately the tree was at eye level and this made it possible for him to return with respectable images.

The following birds were seen feeding on the fruits: Orange-headed Thrush (Zoothera citrina) (top), Buff-vented Bulbul (Iole olivacea) (above), Olive-winged Bulbul (Pycnonotus plumosus plumosus) (below: top two) and Red-eyed Bulbul (Pycnonotus brunneus) (below: bottom left).

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