Hornbills in Changi feeding nestlings – March 2014

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“The Changi heritage tree Shorea gibbosa has another new family of Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) – see also these links LINK 1, LINK 2 and LINK 3.

“It was exciting hearing the babies squealing away for their feeds.

“We saw the father return with many unidentified objects as well as what looked like small white eggs and oil palm seeds. The oil palm seeds however were sometimes not readily accepted – were they too big for the babies I wondered.

“When the male bird dips his head deep into the nest-hole was he also picking up waste/faecal matter?

“Another hornbill was seen feeding on the fruits of the Fish Tail palm (Caryota mitis).

“My nephew’s video on youtube is shown above.”

Angie Ng & Hiro Machida
26th March 2014

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  1. AL Lim

    I saw the adult birds bringing food to the nest on 17 April. On 25 April, I saw the adult birds in the vicinity of the tree but they were no longer bringing food. A parakeet had reclaimed the treehole. Just want to know if the young birds had fledged successfully?

    • YC

      I am sure the chicks had fledged. If not, the adults, much bigger than the parakeets, would have defended the chicks.

    • Dan

      At least one juvenile has fledged successfully.
      Anyone know how many chicks are in the nest?
      Only one juvenile seen with its parents in the vicinity on 4 May.

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