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“On the hot afternoon of 23rd February 2014, relief from the heat was sought at the refreshing waterfalls of Sungei Kroh within FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia; Kepong, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia) (above).

“While exploring the rocky banks of the stream, a pair of Tailed Disc Oakblues (Arhopala atosia, family Lycaenidae, subfamily Lycaeninae) was spotted (above). They had tumbled down, with abdomens attached, from overhanging vegetation and settled silently, blending well against the brown leaves in the background.

“Fortunately, their lengthy mating session was not disrupted or disturbed by other native residents along this stream, including a forest skink (Sphenomorphus scotophilus) which was perched nearby (above).

“In Singapore, this species of butterfly is considered to be very rare and is only found amidst thick vegetation of forested areas (Khew, 2010).”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming & Gary Lim
4th March 2014

Khew, S. K., 2010. A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Singapore. Ink on Paper Communications Pte Ltd, Singapore. xxv + 342 pp.

Sincere appreciations to Dr. Laurence G. Kirton (FRIM: Entomology) for kindly and swiftly confirming the identity of the mating butterflies.

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