Jerdon’s Minivet foraging on the ground

“Just back from a fruitful birding trip in Myanmar. We managed to see all 7 of Myanmar’s endemic bird species, and many more lifers, in just 4 days at Mount Victoria and Bagan. Here are pics of 2 of them which showed rather well, as well as accompanying videos.

“Jerdon’s Minivet, a recent split from White-bellied Minivet (Pericrocotus erythropygius). Here’s a pic of a handsome male (below left), as well as a video of the male and a female foraging on the ground (above). Minivets are typically found on high branches, but this is one of the few minivets which regularly forage on the ground.

“Mount Victoria Babax, another recent split from the Chinese Babax (Babax lanceolatus) (above right). It has a distinctly clear and melodic call (below).”

Lena Chow
21st December 2013

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