Little (=Striated) Herons and crocodile

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“An estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) was observed at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 7th December 2013, about 9.30 am, on the old prawn pond that feeds the sluice gate a little left of the hide at the end of the main bridge. The crocodile, an individual often nicknamed ‘Broken Tail’, had been basking when I arrived at the scene, with its jaws agape; after a few minutes, it closed its jaws and made a few steps forward before slumping on the mud once more.

“There was already one adult Little (=Striated) Heron (Butorides striatusstriated) about 2-3 m from the reptile, but shortly after, 4 more herons (1 adult and 3 sub-adults) showed up, forming a loose ‘circle’ around the crocodile. Other waders (egrets, whimbrels etc) were keeping their distance.

“Is there any known association between these herons and crocodiles? I didn’t stick around to see what happened as I was there to help the RMBR Toddycats LINK for the reserve’s 20th anniversary.”

Marcus Ng
7th December 2013

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