Red Junglefowl In Feather Maintenance

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“It was a bright morning at about 8.45 am 3 days ago when I saw Lao Si (no. 4) (above) taken 2 weeks ago) enjoying himself under the warm sunlight in front of some Wild Tree plants Acalypha siamensis (below). It has been raining heavily everyday in the afternoon or at night for the past few days. The fine weather must have brought some cheers from the chickens here.

“Lao Si as an immature – featured 5 months ago in LINK – is the son of Lao Da the alpha male. As can be seen from the latest images above, he is now a gorgeous young adult. While sunning, he remained alert but would periodically close the nictitating membrane (below-top) and eyelid (below-bottom) for quick winks.

“He stood up to preen the feathers. With the back facing me and the tail feathers well spread out, it gave me a rare opportunity to record the other side of the feathers (below). ‘Why my tail is so dirty?’, he must have mumbled.

Sun Chong Hong
17th November 2013

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