Call of the Red Avadavat

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Jeremiah Loei’s video of the male Red Avadavat (Amandava amandava), also known as Strawberry Finch and Red Munia, records its call in the video clip below. Note that the call includes high “teei” or “tsi” and chirps.

The male bird in the video is in its breeding red plumage. The female and juvenile are greyish-brown above. The non-breeding male is much like the female but with white spots on red uppertail-coverts, in addition to other minor details.

This South Asian species is a popular cage bird because of its colourful plumage. An escapees from as early as the 1880s, it is sighted on and off since then.

We need to establish whether the Red Avadavat is breeding in Singapore. This was highlighted some five years ago but so far no feedbacks. Most sightings have been on males as their red plumage attracts attention. Few females have been sighted, but they are around – see this LINK and the comments associated with it.

Bird photographers are urged be on a lookout for nesting activities.

Jeremiah Loei
October 2013

  1. Hamesha

    I saw many videos of the munia to hear its voice, and this video best captures it. The shy little bird seems hard to capture on camera ! Thank you !

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