A Yellow-vented Bulbul chick fell from above… a happy ending

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The account of the rescue of a Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier) chick posted in mid-August by Ch’ng Geam Liang attracted much attention LINK. There was even someone asking for advice on how to deal with another bulbul chick whose nest was destroyed by a storm. Updates on the chick were posted as comments and those interested can visit the post.

However, images of the chick as it recovered from its ordeal have yet to be shared with readers. The above image on the left shows the young chick with distinct yellow oral flanges at the base of the bill. These provide targets for adults feeding the young when the latter gape widely begging to be fed. These flanges disappear when the chick grows older, as seen in the image on the baove-right. Note also the chest feathers have fully developed. Compare this with the image at the top where the most of the wing feathers are in the pin stage, although others are just emerging from their sheaths LINK. Note also that there are bare patches of skin where pin feathers have yet to emerge.

The image above shows the bird with all its feathers fully developed. This is about the fledging stage when, if it is still in the nest, the adults will encourage it ro make its maiden flight.

On 4th October 2013, Geam Liang wrote when asked about its outcome: “Alas!… it flew off when it was being fed… never came back.” This is good news. This chick survived its ordeal.

Ch’ng Geam Liang
Penang, Malaysia
October 2013

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