Crow culling in Singapore

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On 17th August 2013 Jeremiah Loei was at the Ang Mo Kio Hawker Centre having breakfast with his wife and children when he heard loud rifle firing. It was the local Crow Culling Team in action (below).

Can the success of our crow culling programme contribute to the increase in the population of the Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea)? see HERE.

Talking to the sharp shooter, he was informed that “…one rifle bullet contains about 300 sand pellets inside.”

The above images were taken by Jeremiah’s children.

Jeremiah Loei
August 2013

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  1. Am

    I’m surprised crow-culling still takes place here. I have not seen a single crow – not even one – in the past 3 years, in the 2 different locations I lived (I moved once, from southeast/central to east). I haven’t heard a crow’s call since 2008 in fact, maybe earlier even. On the other hand, no matter where in Singapore I go, I see mynas. They are literally everywhere. As long as I go out, I will see at least one myna. I feel very sorry for the crows. I am aware of the problems associated with high populations of them, but I can’t help but feel we have overdone it with regards to curbing their numbers.

  2. Merissa

    The crow population in the area around my estate has increased significantly since I moved in in 2010. There is a crow’s nest in a tree outside my window which is used yearly by the crows. On some mornings, I can see 30 crows just sitting on the rooftop opposite my window.

    • BESG

      Hi Merissa – you have an opportunity to monitor the crow’s nest to see whether the Koel has taken over it and dumped the crow’s eggs out of the nest after laying her own egg. Koel routinely hijack crow’s nests and the crows will feed the koel’s chick once hatched, not realising that it is not theirs. These will be valuable information that can be posted on this website. If you can see the inside of the nest from your window, photograph the eggs and subsequent hatching…

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