Common Flameback duetting at nesting hole

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The above image by Khng Eu Meng shows the chick of the Common Flameback’s (Dinopium javanense) looking out of the nesting hole entrance in anticipation of the adult’s arrival with food. The perfect circular opening is testimony to the excellent workmanship of the flameback in chiseling out the nest from the trunk of an old eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus sp.).

Jeremiah Loei’s video above shows the male Common Flameback at and around his nesting hole duetting with another nearby. This male was later seen bringing food to feed one of two chicks. Note the characteristic side to side movements of his head between poking into the nest to feed the chick, checking out the surroundings for potential predators. Also characteristic is his movements up and down the tree trunk.

Khng Eu Meng & Jeremiah Loei
August 2013

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    • Jeremiah Loei

      Thank you Amar-Singh HSS (Dato’ Dr). Hope you’d enjoy the video clips., thank you for your nice comment.

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