Olive-backed Sunbird panting

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“This Olive-backed Sunbird (Nectarinia jugularis) started her nest construction in mid-May 2013. She had laboured on and increased the urgency of completing the nest during the period the haze hit Singapore in June 2013. The above clip was filmed on 23rd June 2013 at Serangoon Gardens. On that day, the PSI (Pollution Standard Index) reading was particularly high (170 – 190) and we noticed her panting and flicking her tongue.

“We found an egg in the nest on 25th June. The egg did not hatch and she abandoned the nest on 16th July. Was the failure due to the haze?”

Teo Lee Wei & K.
27th July 2013

Note: During the period when the Olive-backed Sunbird was nesting, the temperature was especially high. The sunbird was panting, as in the case of all birds, to dissipate body heat – that is to keep cool. The high temperature may have contributed to the failure of the egg to hatch.


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