Green-eared Barbet feeding chick and cleaning nest hole

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In April 2013, Khng Eu Meng documented the nesting behaviour of a pair of Green-eared Barbet (Megalaima faiostricta) at the Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand (above).

Both adults fed the chicks, bringing fruits like figs and protein rich tidbits like caterpillars (above). At times they arrived once every 10 minutes or so. Food was not brought directly to the nest. The adults would generally fly to a nearby branch to see if it was safe to fly to the nest. At the nest entrance the adult would be met by the hungry chicks.

In house cleaning, both adults entered the nesting cavity to scrape the base for leftover food and droppings, to then fly off some distance away to dispose of the trash (above).

Khng Eu Meng
August 2013


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  1. Feeding behaviour seemed similar to the Coppersmith Barbet.

    Any observation of the chick biting the adult like shown here:

  2. No, I did not notice any biting while observing the Green-eared Barbet feeding its chick. Was there for over an hour.


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