Additional Flypast at Singapore National Day Parade Preview

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“A pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) was seen at yesterday’s Singapore National Day Parade preview riding the thermals in plain view of the entire spectators.

“Initially one was seen, and returned a second time, with something caught and hanging by its talons.

“Subsequently a pair appeared as seen in this video below.

“Then during the aerial flypass they made their final appearance, a most significant National Day Parade for a raptor sighting.”

Steven Chong
4th August 2013

Note: One of the pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles was a juvenile, as represented in the image at the top, photographed by KC Tsang, but not at the parade preview. The Singapore flag borne by a Chinook comes from a past parade, contributed by Ashley Ng.

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  1. Kim Mosabe

    That display by the White-belly Fish Eagles is telling humans something:
    We are an integral part of Singapore. Please give us room and freedom. Do not destroy the environment, the trees, our remaining forest. Give our Natural Heritage a chance to grow and prosper!

      • Kim Mosabe

        To me, protecting & treasuring the remaining natural forest of Singapore is primary; rebuilt forests are secondary and thirdly,
        artificially-created skeletal forest is tertiary. All things natural should be protected and treasured.

        • DL

          You don’t mean like calling for the conservation of Bidadari and Bt Brown but keeping quiet when MacRitchie is threatened???

  2. Am

    Are eagles becoming more common? I seem to see them a lot these days. I see eagles circling above the Bedok Reservoir often, and when I go down to the CBD they are also circling overhead, visible from the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. And when I touched down in Penang last month, the first bird that greeted me was an eagle, perched on the runway number sign, watching my plane land nonchalantly.

    • DL

      Yes, me and my gang of birdwatchers. There is mainly trees in macritchie, not many birds – not interested in conserving area.

      • Kim Mosabe

        You conserve what you & your gang like to conserve lah.
        I will conserve what I like with no offence to anyone.
        Is that OK?

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