Additional Flypast at Singapore National Day Parade Preview

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“A pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) was seen at yesterday’s Singapore National Day Parade preview riding the thermals in plain view of the entire spectators.

“Initially one was seen, and returned a second time, with something caught and hanging by its talons.

“Subsequently a pair appeared as seen in this video below.

“Then during the aerial flypass they made their final appearance, a most significant National Day Parade for a raptor sighting.”

Steven Chong
4th August 2013

Note: One of the pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles was a juvenile, as represented in the image at the top, photographed by KC Tsang, but not at the parade preview. The Singapore flag borne by a Chinook comes from a past parade, contributed by Ashley Ng.


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  1. That display by the White-belly Fish Eagles is telling humans something:
    We are an integral part of Singapore. Please give us room and freedom. Do not destroy the environment, the trees, our remaining forest. Give our Natural Heritage a chance to grow and prosper!

    • You mean conserve the forests at Bidadari and Bukit Brown?

      • To me, protecting & treasuring the remaining natural forest of Singapore is primary; rebuilt forests are secondary and thirdly,
        artificially-created skeletal forest is tertiary. All things natural should be protected and treasured.

        • You don’t mean like calling for the conservation of Bidadari and Bt Brown but keeping quiet when MacRitchie is threatened???

  2. Are eagles becoming more common? I seem to see them a lot these days. I see eagles circling above the Bedok Reservoir often, and when I go down to the CBD they are also circling overhead, visible from the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. And when I touched down in Penang last month, the first bird that greeted me was an eagle, perched on the runway number sign, watching my plane land nonchalantly.

  3. Who is keeping quiet? You?

    • Yes, me and my gang of birdwatchers. There is mainly trees in macritchie, not many birds – not interested in conserving area.

      • You conserve what you & your gang like to conserve lah.
        I will conserve what I like with no offence to anyone.
        Is that OK?


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