Red Junglefowl Roundup Part I

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“Slightly over a year ago, I posted observations of Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) sighted in my condo LINK.

“Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers residing here.

“There are now 3 adult males. The most senior one, which I name as Lao Da (meaning eldest or No. 1 in seniority) (above); Lao Er (No. 2) (below left); and Lao San (No. 3) (below right). Lao San was brought in by a new tenant about 6 months ago as a chick together with a black feathered one, which turned out to be a female. They have reached sexual maturity and have been seen mating.

“The most prominent difference between the plumage of the 3 males is in the colours of the wing feathers including coverts. The other noticeable difference is in the white puff in the tail, which I believe is called afterfeather, where Lao Da has the best display.

“The edited video above) shows the crowings – territorial calls – of the three males in order of their seniority. Lao Da has one extra syllable (or note) compared to all other RFJ crows that I have ever heard.

“For females, besides the black hen as mentioned above which I name as Puteri Hitam (above), there are Madu with 4 normal looking chicks (below-top left); Manis with 3 chicks (below-top right); close up images (below-bottom) taken one week earlier than the group photo reveal different coloured down feathers of the chicks…

“…Cinta with latest arrival of 4 chicks (below); and finally Sri which has disappeared for about 1 week or two already, presumably laying/incubating a new batch of eggs.

“In addition, there is an immature which is now showing the male plumage (below left). Its mother is Cinta. The immature was seen as a 6-week old chick on 14th April 2013 LINK

“Another two juveniles (above right), whose mother is Sri, completes the whole RFJ population in my condo.

“In view of the different colours in the chicks’ plumage, it is doubtful that these RFJs are of the pure breed.”

Sun Chong Hong
14th June 2013

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