Little Spiderhunter calling

“Was caught in a little forest birdwave today and heard simultaneous calls from Pin-striped Tit Babblers (Macronous gularis), a Van Hasselt’s Sunbird (formerly known as Purple-throated) (Leptcoma brasiliana), and a Little Spiderhunter (Arachnothera longirostra).

“Above is a video of the Little Spiderhunter calling, with the sunbird tweeting in the background and a tailorbird (not sure which) trying to get some attention too.

“The image at the top shows a Little Spiderhunter on a separate occasion, perched on its favourite Torch Ginger ( Etlingera elatior) flower which it visits almost every day for breakfast.”

Lena Chow
25th May 2013

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