Nest building by a pair of Black-and-red Broadbills

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Lim Seik Ni of Pontian, in the Malaysian state of Johor, spotted a pair of Black-and-red Broadbills (Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos) collecting dried leaves in an housing area on 24th April 2013. The nest was located after a 10 minutes search. It was attached to the ends of slender branches, about 3 metres up what looks like a blue mahang (Macaranga heynei) tree. The tree was growing by a busy road. The above images show the tree viewed from the road and from behind the road.

The basic structure of the nest was already constructed. It was a rounded structure made of twigs and dried plant materials with a round opening on the side (above). Both birds kept on collecting dried bamboo leaves, entering the nest to line the inside.

Two days later the nest was completed with one bird inside (above).

The next day (26th April), there was a heavy storm during the night. This damage the roof of the nest leaving the nest interior in disarray.There was no sign of the pair of Black-and-red Broadbills for the next few days. They had abandoned the damaged nest.

Lim Seik Ni
Pontian, Johor, Malaysia
May 2013

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